Invitation to Bid

2016-03-08 00:49:04

Invitation to Bid

Bethlehem Municipality

P.I.E.R.MA-ARKET Plan of Innovation, Economy, Redevelopment, and Management of Gross Market in Bethlehem 

Study and formulation of an operational Plan for the Gross Market in Bethlehem

BIDDING No.: 3 / 2016

BET CB 075 13

Bethlehem Municipality (BM) has received a Grant from the Italian Government, Palestinian Municipalities Support Programme (PMSP), through the Ministry of Local Government, for Rehabilitation of the Gross Market in Bethlehem, in partnership with the Municipality of Turin, technical supervision by Bethlehem Municipality Engineering Department. In accordance to Bethlehem Municipality instructions, all interested Consulting Engineering offices should pursue the following bidding Conditions:

Eligible Consulting Engineering offices should be registered at the VAT and Customs department and should provide Bethlehem Municipality with their VAT registration number and financial clearance certificate. The registered with the Engineering Association- Jerusalem Center.

The bidders should emphasize on previous experience concerning similar fields of such projects.

The bidders should provide a time schedule for the Study works and details.

Bid Securities of 5 % of total bid amount in Euro should be submitted as bank guarantee valid for a period of 90 days starting from submitting day. Personal checks and or cash payments will not be accepted.

Provided Prices should be VAT excluded, and bidders must submit zero VAT invoice.

Bethlehem Municipality is not obliged to accept the lowest price.

This Invitation for Bids is open to all bidders meeting the minimum qualifications registered with the Palestinian Engineering Association.

Bidders interested in purchasing bid documents from Bethlehem Municipality, starting on Wednesday  09/03/2016 in order to obtain required documents for an amount of 50 Euro non refundable. 

The pre-bid meeting shall be held at Bethlehem Municipality, on Monday 14/03/2016 at 12:00 a.m. and followed by a site visit.

Eligible Consulting Engineering offices should submit their offers in a sealed envelope enclosed no later than Thursday, 17/03/2016 before 12:00 a.m.

Bids opening session will be held on Thursday, 17/03/2016 at Bethlehem Municipality at 12:00 a.m.

All expenses related to advertisement shall be paid by the successful bidder.

For further Information, Please contact: Bethlehem Municipality.          Tel: 02-2741323  Fax: 02-2741327



Ms. Vera Baboun

Mayor of Bethlehem


مباشر من ساحة المهد