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About the city


Orlando is a city in the state of Florida and the county seat for Orange County. It is the center of the Orlando metropoliyan area, which had a population of 2,802,570, according to figures released in July 2017. These figures make it the 24th largest metropolitan area in the United States.


Orlando is one of the most visited places in the USA by international tourists. It was not until the establishment of Walt Disney World Resort in 1971 that tourism became integral to the area's economy. Following Disney, more theme parks have been established, such as Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. The city has currently the most theme park attractions in the world.


The city also offers various museums and public art galleries, such as the Sea Art Orlando initiative, as well as being an active music scene, including a jazz festival held every year. Orlando is associated with its good reputation for the performing arts and is home to a substantial theater population, with venues such as the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre that regularly hosts national Broadway tours.



The twinning agreement


The twinning agreement was signed between the then Mayor of Orlando, Mr. Glenda Hood, and the then Mayor of Bethlehem, Mr. Hanna Nasser in May 2001. Both cities recognized that it was in their mutual interest to work together, focusing on the areas of economic development, trade and tourism promotion, business, education and cultural exchanges. As well as the formation of the Orlando/Bethlehem Twin City Committee.

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