2019-03-18 05:08:10

About the town

Għajnsielem means "Peaceful Spring". This name was originated from the water spring, around which in the year 1700, Grandmaster Perellos built an arcade containing public wash basins and fresh water spouts. The town is located at the south eastern coast of the island of Gozo in Malta. Its population in 2014 was 3,200 residents. Għajnsielem contains some attractions, including The Lourdes Chapel with its sharp steeple and underlying niche of Our Lady of Lourdes, Fort Chambray, and the towering of Ghajnsielem Parish Church.

About the Cooperation Agreement

An agreement for cooperation was signed in Malta in February 2011 by Mr. Victor Batarseh, the then Mayor of Bethlehem, and Mr. Frans Cauchi, the then Mayor of Ghajnsielem, in which they agreed to establish partnership and cooperation in the areas of pilgrimage tourism, economy, culture, education and student exchange. Followed by a visit to Bethlehem by a delegation from Malta in July/August 2011.

Live from the Manger Square