Baden bei Wien

2019-03-11 05:13:38

About the town

Baden, which in German means "Baths", is unofficially distinguished from other Badens as Baden bei Wien: Baths near Vienna. It is a spa town in Austria that serves as the capital of Baden District in the state of Lower Austria. It is Located about 26 km (16 miles) south of Vienna and also at the mouth of the Schwachat River’s St. Helena Valley in the range of the Vienna Woods. It takes its name from the area's thirteen hot springs, which vary in temperature from 22 to 36 °C and contain lime sulphate. The springs lie, for the most part, at the foot of mountain Calvary (1,070 ft / 326 metres high).


About the twinning agreement

The agreement to establish a twinning relation between Baden bei Wien and Bethlehem was signed in Baden bei Wien in June 2011 on the occasion of an official visit by a delegation from Bethlehem. In October 2011, Mr. Kurt Staska, the then Mayor of Baden, accompanied by a delegation from the town, visited Bethlehem to make the agreement official.


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