Madaba and Bethlehem

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Country: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Date of Agreement: 13 June 1996

Current Mayor: Aref Al-Rawjeh



Madaba, مادبا, is the capital city of Madaba Governorate of Jordan, which has a population of about 60,000. Madaba is the fifth most populous town in Jordan. It is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, especially a large Byzantine-era mosaic map of The Holy Land. Madaba is located 30 kilometers south-west of the capital Amman.

Nearby is Mount Nebo - Moses' mountain as mentioned in the New Testament. It was here where Moses died after wandering with his people through the desert for forty years. At the top of the mountain you get a majestic view of the Dead Sea. In favourable weather you can see as far as Jerusalem. In the church are several lovely mosaics from the 6th century. If you wish to see one of the largest mosaic floors, travel about a mile or so to Khirbet al Mukhaijat. Here the mosaic scenes, inspired by heathen idolatry, portray the making of wine.


مباشر من ساحة المهد