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The medical services in Bethlehem are numerous and fairly well developed. Of the six hospitals in Bethlehem, three are maternity, one is psychiatric, one is pediatric and one is a general hospital. The total number of hospital beds is estimated at 506. There are 32 primary health care clinics in the Bethlehem district of which 16 are sponsored by NGO's (non-governmental organizations), 14 by private proprietary organizations, and two are associated with UNRWA. (United Nations Relief Works Agency). There are five ambulance vehicles and 133 physicians. In addition, there are 341 nurses and 27 dentists.

The district contains a large number of charitable societies and non-governmental organizations which offer health services unavailable in Palestine. A new wastewater collection network was recently constructed in the three towns of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. Approximately 99% of the population has access to drinkable piped water supply.


1- Al-Dibs Hospital, Maternity       Tel: 2744242
2- Al-Hussein Hospital, General     Tel: 2741161
3- Beit Sahour Cooperative Health Clinic.     Tel: 2774443
4- Al-Yamamah Hospital, General.       Tel: 2764444
5- The Holy Family Hospital.      Tel: 2741151,Fax:2741154

Benevolent Societies, Medical Institutions & Clinics.

1. Women Child Care Society
P.O.B. 313, Beit Jala.
Near Orthodox Church
Tel: 742507, Fax: 742204

2. Holy Land Christian Mission
Mount David Orthopaedic Hospital.
Manger Street, P.O.B. 24
Tel: 742600, Fax: 741914

3. Knights of Malta
Hospital of the Holy Family
Sisters of St. Vincent of Paul, 
P.O.B. 8. Tel: 741151, Fax: 741175

4. Beit Sahour Medical Center
P.O.B. 44, Beit Sahour, Tel: 6474443

5. Holy Family Care Center, 
Near Milk Grotto, P.O.B. 966, Tel: 6470002., Fax: 6470002

6. Caritas Baby Hospital,
Pediatric, Tel: 741171

Institutions for the Handicapped

1. Epheta Institute,
School for Audiophonetic Rehabilitation of Deaf Children, 
Paul VI Street, P.O.B. 105.
Tel: 742568, Fax: 745576

2. House of Hope for the Blind and the Mentally Handicapped.
Hebron Road, P.O.B. 27 Across Epheta
Tel: 742325, Fax: 740928

3. Psychiatric Hospital of the Government
El-Jabal Street, Sisters of St. Dorothea, P.O.B. 60
Tel: 741155, Fax: 741657

4. Swedish International Relief Association (SIRA).
Special Education School, helps the slow learners. 
Beit Jala Road, P.O.B. 167. Tel: 742597, Fax: 741254

5. Siloah Mission
Rehabilitation Center for Physically Handicapped, 
P.O.B. 177, Beit Jala, Tel: 741373

6. Terre des Hommes
P.O.B. 20180, Tel: 742485, Fax: 747549

7. Bethlehem Arab Society for the Physically Handicapped
Cremisan Street, P.O.B. 100, Beit Jala,
 Tel: 744050, Fax: 744053




Health Centers
Name Tel Fax Description
Bethlehem Dental Center 2743303   Clinics
Al-Dibis Maternity 2744242   Hospitals
Al-Hussein Government 2741161   Hospitals
Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation 2744049/51 2744053 Hospitals
Caritas Baby 2758500 2758501 Hospitals
Mental Health 2741155   Hospitals
Shepherd's Field Hospital 2775092   Hospitals
St. Mary's Maternity 2742443   Hospitals
The Holy Family 2741151 2741154 Hospitals
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