Appeal to the President of the United States of America

2014-08-08 00:00:00

A great number of people attended solidarity demonstration for Palestine which was held in front of the US Embassy in Reykjavik today, July 31st 2014.

The protest meeting, organized by Association Iceland-Palestine, with support of numerous other organizations, condemned Israel's bombardment of Gaza and stressed USA's grave responsibility in the massacre by enabling Israel to continue its occupation and agression against Palestine. 

The program included speeches, music and a resolution, an appeal to President Obama, was delivered to the Embassy (see attachment).

Demands of the meeting were:

-Stop the bloodshed immediately!

-Lift the blockade at once!

-International protection for Palestinians!

-Obama, stop the massacre!

-Israel's military out of Palestine!

-Down with the Occupation - Free Palestine!

According to the police, today's protest was the biggest that has ever been seen in front of the US Embassy and police estimate was over 2000 people.

Simultaneously another demonstration was held in the north of Iceland, Akureyri, with 200 people (more than 10% of inhabitants) with the same message.

This was the third major demonstration in Reykjavik in three weeks for Gaza. The first one was on July 14th where 1700 people demonstrated.

For the second one on July 23rd gathered 3500 people (which is more than 10% of Iceland´s population). The main speaker was the Mayor of Reykjavik, Dagur B. Eggertsson who condemned the Israeli aggression and its violations of international law. He called for solidarity with the Palestinian people.


Below is a link from RUV, Iceland State TV, the evening news:

And her is the link for the news from the meeting on the other major channel, Stod 2 (TV2):

Pictures can be found on Facebook, e.g.:

23.7.2014 -


Appeal to the President of the United States of America
delivered at a public meeting held outside the Embassy of the United ‎States of America in Reykjavík, July 31, 2014


This public meeting, called by the Association Iceland-Palestine, with ‎the participation of a large number of trade unions, political parties, ‎and peace and human rights movements, condemns the war crimes ‎committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip with direct military, financial and political support from the United States.‎

The meeting appeals to the President of the United States Barack ‎Obama to call an immediate halt to the bloodshed and to demand that ‎the Israeli government act in complete conformance with international law.‎

The meeting appeals to the government of the United States to cease ‎its continual excuse of veto in the UN Security Council, thus paving the ‎way for the Israels military and expansionist policies and preventing ‎the Security Council from putting an end to Israeli war crimes and from providing the people of occupied Palestine with international ‎protection.‎

According to news released yesterday the United States authorities ‎are sending the Isreali Armed Forces extra ammunition in their ‎actions against the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.  In this way  the ‎United States have been revealed as active participants in Israeli war ‎crimes. This ammunition is to be used in a war against defenseless children who form the majority of Gazas inhabitants.‎

The meeting upholds the appeal of the Icelandic Prime Minister to ‎Netanyahu to immediately cease all military action and desist in this ‎bloodshed. The meeting also embraces the Foreign Minister’s demand for an immediate and permanent solution, and a peaceful agreement ‎based on the 1967 borders. This would entail a cessation of Israeli ‎military occupation and Israels release of the occupied areas.‎

The meeting demands that the President of the United States ‎immediately withdraw all support for the aggressive military action of ‎the Israeli forces against the Palestinian Nation. ‎

Stop the bloodshed now! Lift the blockade immediately! International ‎protection for the Palestinians! Israel out of Palestine! Down with the ‎occupation! Free Palestine!


On behalf of this public meeting held on Jul7 31, 2014,‎
Sveinn Rúnar Hauksson, president of the Association Iceland-Palestine



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