Villa Alemana and Bethlehem

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Villa Alemana


Country: Chile

Date of Agreement: 22 May 2006

Current Mayor: Raúl Bustamante



Villa Alemana (literally "German Village") is a city and community in central Chile. It was founded in 1896 by Italian and German immigrants. Villa Alemana is a part of the urban area known as Gran Valparaíso (Greater Valparaiso).

The City of Villa Alemana was founded due to the building of a railway, and was at the beginning of Chilean railway development. Its climate is so temperate that the slogan is "The City of Eternal Youth".

Villa Alemana before being named was nothing but fields. There was a small vineyard, many trees and flowers and what prevailed was the hawthorn. For housing today Theater Pompeya were offered at 20 cents per meter of ground. And that was where Don Buenaventura Joglar had the idea to buy land and build a population which appointed as Villa Alemana because the Germans were the first to buy these sites. However, many of them built or lived here, most sold and left.

On November 8, 1894, was founded under the name of Vine Miraflores. The property was owned by Don Buenaventura Joglar, who lot and set the name of Villa Alemana.

On January 5, 1918 establishing commune Villa Alemana, but in 1928 it incorporated in Quilpué. On June 7, 1933, Villa Alemana separates finally commune Quilpué, thus creating the municipality of Villa Alemana. Until 1982 the commune had just over 55,000 residents.

In 1992 Villa Alemana population exceeded 77,000.

In 2002 the population was closer to 100,000.

Today, Villa Alemana is a bedroom community of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso.




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