Bethlehem Municipality Submitted an Appeal to the UNESCO protesting the enlisting of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque (Rachel's Tomb) as a Jewish Heritage Site

2010-03-01 00:00:00
Bethlehem – Bethlehem Municipality filed an appeal to the UNESCO protesting the enlisting of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque (Rachel's Tomb) on the list of Jewish Heritage Sites. This step came after Israeli Prime Minister Benyain Netenyahu's announcement earlier this week stating the annexation of that area and considering it a part of Jewish heritage which led to controversy and resentment among the citizens of Bethlehem and its institutions. The appeal included that Rachel Tomb's area falls under the jurisdiction of Bethlehem Municipality and lies within its Municipal Borders and the Israelis have no right whatsoever to claim it. The appeal also revealed the actions that the were done throughout the years by the Israeli Occupation to isolate that area and separate it from Bethlehem in culmination to the construction of the Apartheid wall which resulted in the closure of the historical route from Jerusalem to Bethlehem . In addition, the Israeli practices turned that area into an abandoned one, closing all shops and confiscating many of the citizens' land. Finally, the Municipality affirmed its condemnation and disapproval of this announcement, adding its deep concern to this step which is considered as the latest episode in the long term series of Israeli attacks on the town of Bethlehem. The Municipality asked all people of good will and peace loving people to face this announcement which offends all Palestine in general and Bethlehem in particular.
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