Yalvac and Bethlehem

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Country: Turkey

Date of Agreement: 26 April 2000

Current Mayor: Tekin Bayram

Website: https://www.yalvac.bel.tr/index.php?p=1&l=2


Northeeast of Isparta, Yalvac is located near the ancient city of Pisidian Antioch. This area was visited by St. Paul and St. Barnabas in 46 A.D. Among the ruins be sure to see St. Paul's Basilica, the aqueducts, Augustus Temple, theater and public baths as you walk along the city's marble streets. The Archaeological Museum in Yalvac itself displays several important regional artifacts. Tourists will find not only leather clothing but many interesting traditional souvenirs made of animal hide East of Yalvac, atop Karakuyu Hill is the sanctuary of the Moon God, Men, and the view from there is breathtaking. The giant Cedar trees grow in Klzlldag National Park, south of Yalvac amid some of Turkey's most splendid landscapes.

Kovada National Park, 30km south of Lake Egirdir, surrounds Kovada Lake, apristine and cool mountain getaway northeast of Isparta.



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