2019-03-13 04:44:16

About the city

Creil is a city in the Oise province in northern France. According to the 2014 statistics, the population of the city was 34,922. The Gare de Creil is an important railway junction.


About the agreement

In 2008, the city of Creil took a decision to establish a relationship with Bethlehem. The then Mayor of Creil, Mr Jean-Claude Villeman, and a delegation from Creil visited Bethlehem in September 2009, in order to sign a twinning agreement with the city. Both cities agreed that in this twinning arrangement they would do everything in their power to develop bonds between their citizens in the interests of peace, tolerance and mutual solidarity; and that the cooperation will be in the fields of culture, health and education.

Creil agreed not to follow their initial idea to twin with an Israeli city so that the agreement with Bethlehem would happen. Mr. Victor Batarseh, the then Mayor of Bethlehem, and a delegation from the city were invited to visit Creil in January 2010. A group of four young Palestinians were invited to join a youth program involving all Creil’s twin cities to be held in Dhaka in July 2011, but no one was able to attend. A further youth program was held in Creil the following year in which a Palestinian group was able to attend. More has been achieved by the two cities throughout the years.

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