Bethlehem 5K Run

2015-02-03 01:53:55

The Bethlehem 5K Run is a sport event for the whole community including youth, families, and tourists. It offers participants the chance to discover interesting walking trails and tourist attractions in the city of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem 5K Run is organized by Bethlehem Municipality, CCHP, youth councils, and USAID. The event is sponsored by Coca Cola, Bank of Palestine, TUPACK, and Al Zara'on Al Arab Co.

The running route goes through Bethlehem's landmarks and newly renovated tourism sites.  Qattan Stairway, Hosh Abu Jarour, and improved street lights network and tourist facilities. 

The city of Bethlehem has fascinating historic sites and is rich in culture, business, and entertainment.

The Bethlehem renovations are complete and ready for you to visit. Come see 

Visit the official website for Bethlehem 5K Run:

Live from the Manger Square