Cultural Centers

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Cultural Centers

Bethlehem Academy of Music (BAM)

was founded in September 1997 as non-governmental not for profit cultural, educational and social organization, to serve the community in Bethlehem area. The main mission of BAM is to provide music activities, and education to those who are interested in music. That includes all kinds of music culture, music science, music literature, performance, covering western as well as oriental music. An administrative committee manages the Academy. BAM is independent and is not part of any other organization or party. However it enjoys moral support from several organizations in town. Bethlehem Academy of Music Tel: 2777141


Catholic Work Association

The Catholic Work Association was established in 1952 with the aim of implementing religious, social, cultural and sporting activities. It now has over 500 members. It focuses on youth and creating an environment where they can participate in a variety of activities: Cultural and social programs, seminars and trips, religious activities, including seminars and lectures. Future plans include building indoor sports hall and a computing center.Address: P.O. Box 1042 , King David St , Bethlehem , Tel.: 02-2743277


Children's Cultural Center  

The Children's Cultural Center was established in 1993 in cooperation with the Arabic Society for Rehabilitation. Its main goals are to provide educational and cultural activities for 6-14 year old children. Since its establishment, the Center has formed a theatre group, which performs traditional dabka dancing and folk songs. The center organizes courses including computers, karate, dabka dancing, chess, handicrafts and a workshop in drawing and handicraft equipments to enable children to express themselves . The center makes available for the children educational games, a library and videos. Address: P.O. Box 100 , Paul VI St. , Bethlehem Tel.: 02-2742617 Fax 02-2744053

Building A Better Word

Telfax 972 2 2767343    E-mail: [email protected]

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 31832 , Jerusalem  

A registered palestinian NGO working with children and youth (8-17) in the Old City of Jerusalem and the City of Behlehem governed by a board of Trustees & directors from the field of religion, education and law. The goal of the center is to focus on creative cultural activities that promote positive attitudes among children and youth.

Creative Cultural Forum  

The Creative Cultural Forum was founded in 1993 as an educational organization. The Forum brings together writers, lecturers, artists, musicians, actors and poets in the area of Bethlehem . It offers educational and social activities such as poetry readings and takes part in cultural festivals. The Forum organize monthly seminars, debates and discussions on literary and social issues and poetry readings.Address: Al-Madbasa St. , Bethlehem , Tel.: 02-2742826 Fax: 02-2742826


Palestinian Heritage Center

The Center was established in 1991 as a non-profit institution and has as its main goal the presentation of Palestinian culture and the promotion of Palestinian folklore and heritage. It is located at the northern entrance to the town of Bethlehem . The Center is run by Mrs. Maha Saca who possesses extensive experience and knowledge in folklore work. She has done research on the cultural background of many Palestinian communities. She represented Palestine in several exhibitions in Jordan , United Arab Emirates , Egypt , U.S.A. , and in a number of European countries.

The Center activities include: - A small show room with displays of attractive embroidery work representing the various Palestinian towns and villages and bringing Palestinian heritage into the limelight. - Management of displays and participation in cultural oriented exhibitions locally and abroad. - Delivering educational lectures on Palestinian folklore at educational institutions such as schools, universities local and foreign.- Offering information to researchers through the highly specialized books available in the Center.

Sale of embroidery work and Arabic photographs of various religious, historical and cultural sites in Palestine .

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 8:00-19:00 Tel: 2742381 Manger St. Bethlehem ,

West Bank , Palestinian Authority
Tel.: 02-2742642, Fax: 02-2742381
Email: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

Artas Folklore Center

The center was established in 1993. It located in a historic building in the old part of the village. The Center is close to the spring of Artas and the Mosque of Omar. It overlooks the shrine of Hortus Conclusus. Its main objective is to revive and encourage Palestinian folklore and traditions, by creating a folklore group to promote Palestinian dance and music and by undertaking study and research about Palestinian culture and heritage. The Palestinian Ethnographic Museum has been established in one of the main wings of the Folklore Center . The main activities of the Center, Artas Folklore Festival, Artas's Lettuse Festival. Tel. 02-2744046

Opening Hours: daily from 9:00-17:00

Tel: 2774066 Opening hours: Daily from 9:00-17:00


The International Center of Bethlehem

The building that houses the International Center of Bethlehem constructed originally in 1886 and temporarily used as a shelter for the refugees after the 1948 war, was part of the Lutheran School until the mid 1970s. In the late 1980s, plans of renovation were drawn up. German and Palestinian youth worked side by side and started the reconstruction process. In 1992 he first phase was completed with the opening of the Abu Jubran guest house. In 1995 the second phase was completed with the inauguration of the International Center of Bethlehem.

The Center provides a gallery to host national and international exhibitions and to be a link between the local artists and the contemporary art world.

Art and gift shop to market the works of the local artists paintings, ceramics, glass, wood carving, calligraphy, etc.

Artistic Workshops, Choir, folkloric dance and a theater group to promote Palestinian music and dance heritage, Music and art education courses.The facilities of the center meet diverse needs and include:

Two lecture rooms with audio-visual equipment
The cave for informal meetings in a relaxed atmosphere
Two open-air courtyards
Gift shop including an art gallery
Guest house for groups and individuals
Dining room, Auditorium and Church for meditation and Sunday services.

The ICB is a Palestinian nongovernmental organization that is governed by a boar of directors. The staff of the Center, the majority of whom are young women, is highly qualified and committed to the mission of the Center.

Opening Hours: Mondays-Fridays 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Saturdays: 9:00 AM –1:00 PM. Tel: 00972 2 2770047 Fax 970 2 2770048. E-Mail : [email protected]

Al-Lika' Center for Heritage & Religious Studies in the Holy Land

The Center is located at the entrance of Bethlehem , near Rachel's Tomb. It is a place of research and study on the religious traditions and institutions of the people of the Holy Land and the region. The program includes annual conferences, interfaith dialogues, Palestinian contextualized theology in the Holy Land, international activities and the publication of al-Lika' Journal, a newsletter, books and occasional papers.Address:  Al-Liqa' Center for Religious & Heritage Studies Tel 2741639


Ibdaa' Cultural Center For the Development of Children's Skills and International Cultural Exchange.

Telfax: 2776444,
E-mail:[email protected],   

Ibdaa' means to create something out of nothing in Arabic, and is a community initiative of Dheisheh Refugee Camp, founded in 1995. lbdaa' seeks to empower the children of the camp by developing their ability, creativity and leadership skills through social, educational and cultural activities. Ibdaa' strives to provide an environment where the children can explore the true meaning of childhood, which has been denied to them under the Israeli military occupation. lbdaa' aims to promote among the children Palestinian culture and heritage, and to broaden their awareness and boost their self-confidence. Ibdaa' also seeks to educate the international community on Palestinian issues. Most importantly, lbdaa' is committed to teach the children to trust themselves and to develop leadership for the future generation of Palestinian refugees.


A guesthouse, the first of its kind in all Palestinian refugee camps, will be opened in Dheisheh in the summer of 2000. The facilities will include guest rooms (capacity of 40 guests), an extension of lbdaa's computer center, rooftop garden, and community hall for events and workshops. The guesthouse will provide a visitors with a unique and in-depth experience of staying inside a refugee camp.

Dance Troupe

lbdaa's renowned dance troupe, consisting of 12 boys and 12 girls (age 12-15), has performed in numerous festivals and events in Palestine and abroad. The troupe performs three pieces which depict Palestinian refugees' history and aspiration through traditional folkloric dancing and theatrical choreography: AI Waseya (The Will), AI Khaima (The Tent) and AI Mu'taqal (Political Prisoners). The current dancers are the second generation of lbdaa' dance group, which has inherited the arts of dancing and public speaking from a group of older youths, who gave a birth to lbdaa in 1995 and continues to ensure the cycle of learning process through youth leadership.


It was established in 1948, after the expulsion and flight of more than 750,000 Palestinians following the creation of the state of Israel . Those that fled to Dheisheh originated from 45 villages west of Jerusalem and Hebron , the descendants of whom comprise the 11,000 inhabitants of the camp today. A resilient and active community, Dheisheh has a long history of repression and struggle. Even before the Intifada, Israeli authorities erected a high barbed-wire fence around the camp sealing all but one of its 14 entrances. Soldiers and violent confrontations filled the alleys, killing tens of residents while hundreds were injured, imprisoned and disabled for life. Today, 5 years after the Israeli withdrawal from the area, Dheisheh has not seen a fruit of the peace process. Perpetual destitution and a lack of just solution for the refugees

Contact Cultural Centers
Name Tel Fax
Al-Harah Theatre 2767758  
Al-Liqa' Centre for Religious & Heritage Studies in the Holy Land 2741639 2741639
Alliance Francaise de Bethlhem 2750777 2750777
Anat Palestinian Folk & Craft Center 2772024 2772024
Artas Folklore Center 2767467 2760533
Bethlehem Academy of Music/ Bethlehem Music Society 2777141 2777142
Bethlehem Peace Center 2766677 2741057
Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation 2766244 2766241
Inad Centre for Theatre 2766263  
Inad Centre for Theatre & Arts 2766263 2767746
International Centre of Bethlehem - Dar Annadwa 2770047 2770048
ITIP Center "Italian Tourist Information Point" 2760411  
The Cardinal House 2764778 2764778
The Turathuna - Centre for Palestinian Heritage (B.Uni.) 2741241 2744440
Palestinian Group for the Revival of Popular Heritage 2747945 2747945
Tent of Nations 2743071 2767446
The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music 2745989 2745989
The Higher Institute of Music 2752492 2752492
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