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2009-06-21 16:00:00


Bethlehem: Heritage of Mankind


No town in the world has such a glorious history or exalted status as Bethlehem. The Magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh from the East, to the humble manger in a stable and knelt down and worshipped the child who was born there.

Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus Christ, is three times holy, being revered by the followers of the three heavenly religions. It contains the shrine of Rachel, the mother of the patriarch Joseph, who was buried on the way to Bethlehem and it is here that the Prophet Muhammed prayed on his way to Jerusalem. He is reported as having said, “When I was taken on the Midnight Journey to Jerusalem, Gabriel took me to Bethlehem, saying, 'Alight and pray two raq'as, for here is the birthplace of your brother Jesus, peace be upon him', and then I was taken to the Rock”.

Compared to other cities and towns in Palestine, Bethlehem is a relatively quiet place. Despite all the crises and sufferings it went through at various times in history, it was able to survive and attract a huge number of pilgrims and tourists of different nationalities and beliefs. Moreover, Bethlehem has developed to meet the needs of its local people and visitors. Modern developments safeguard the town original features. It is still a unique holy city, cherished and treasured by thousands of people not only at Christmas but all year round.

This website is a humble attempt to bring Bethlehem and its surrounding region to each visitor in pictures and text. It covers the holy sites and archeological remains along with a full historical, religious, and cultural context.

The site will provide the visitor with accurate information, brief and interesting explanation, important facts and practical advice.

For 2000 years, Christianity has enjoyed a continued presence in Palestine. Palestinian Christians are the "Living Faithful", who were among the first to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The coming of Islam in the 7th century did not alter the situation for the people of Bethlehem who remained Christian in their majority until this century. Historically Bethlehem has embodied hope in the minds of humankind. Its historic and sacred meaning shines like a guiding star in our consciousness.


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