2021-02-04 11:14:17

About the city


Vicenza is a city in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. It’s known for the elegant buildings designed by the 16th century architect Andrea Palladio. These buildings include the Palladian Basilica; the Palazzo Chiericati, which is now home to an art gallery; and the Teatro Olimpico, which forms a classic outdoor and indoor theater. On the outskirts of town, the hilltop Villa La Rotonda has 4 identical facades.


In 1994, the UNESCO inscribed "Vicenza, City of Palladio" on its list of World Heritage Sites. In 1996, the site was expanded to include the Palladian villas outside the core area, and accordingly renamed “City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto”.



About the twinning agreement


In April 2018, Adv. Anton Salman, Mayor of Bethlehem, and Mr. Achille Variati, Mayor of Vicenzan signed a pact of brotherhood. Both municipalities agreed to start collaboration in order to encourage the knowledge of their cultures, human rights and environmental recources, as well as to encourage the exchange between youth in sports, education and culture.

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