The Mayor of Bethlehem welcomes the Mayor of Strasbourg and discusses ways to improve the mutual relationship

2018-06-28 07:45:16

On June 27th, The Mayor of Bethlehem, Adv. Anton Salman welcomed the Mayor of Strasbourg, Mr. Roland Ries, and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem Mr. Hanna Hanania, the City Council Members Mr. Nasri Nawawreh, and Mr. Hanna Aboudinen, along with the General Director of Bethlehem Municipality Mr. Anton Marcos.

After welcoming the Mayor of Strasbourg in Bethlehem, Salman noted that the two municipalities had signed the cooperation and partnership agreement on June 5th 1998. He added that the Cooperation between the two cities has included mutual visits, cultural exchanges and the presence of Bethlehem artisans at the famous Christmas Market of Strasbourg.
From his part, Ries thanked Salman for the hospitality and expressed his desire to activate the relationship between the two cities. Moreover, he emphasized that the two cities share an interest in Christmas, and he mentioned the Christmas market which is organized annually in Strasbourg.

At the end of the meeting Salman and Ries exchanged gifts.

Live from the Manger Square