Saint Herblain

2015-03-13 09:16:56


About the city

St. Herblain is located in the western part of France, just north of Loire, and to the west of Nantes.


About the agreement

On July the 17th 1992, the twinning agreement was signed between Bethlehem Municipality, represented by its then-Mayor Mr Elias Freij and the municipality of Saint Herblain, represented by its then-Mayor Mr Charles Gautier. The agreement included hosting the staff of Bethlehem Municipality, the team of other cities of the Bethlehem governorate and the Ministry of Local Government in a series of training courses. It also included the allocation of a unique platform for the city of Bethlehem at the Nantes International Exhibition in 1988, youth exchange projects, in addition to the contribution of funding the “Bethlehem 2000” project with 250,000 Francs. Moreover, in 1996, St. Herblain donated 630,000 Francs to fund medical equipment for Palestinians, but the money did not reach the Palestinians due to political constraints.


Live from the Manger Square