Region of Lazio

2021-02-08 07:19:04



About the Region of Lazio


Lazio is located in the center of Italy and is the second largest city in the country in terms of population and economy. It also contains the capital, Rome. Lazio has a rich cultural history and heritage, as the region was the center of Roman culture and the Catholic Church, and therefore became a destination for pilgrims.


The area of ​​Lazio contains many historical monuments registered in UNESCO, with Rome having the largest number of historical places, including Villa Hadrian in Tialfoli, which has the famous cemetery of Panditashia.



About the twinning agreement


In June 2001, a twinning agreement was signed between the Governor of Lazio Province, Mr. Francisco Storaci, and the then Mayor of Bethlehem, Mr. Hanna Nasser. After the visit of the Governor of Lazio to the Christmas celebration in 2000, the two agreed to strengthen the friendship and cooperation of both cities under the following items:


• Supporting cultural projects to spread knowledge among citizens and to spread mutual understanding of the civilizations of the two countries.

• Initiating projects to develop and improve archaeological sites in Bethlehem, cultural heritage and the arts, by supporting plans for the development of the city of Bethlehem.

• Promote improvements in both cities to support relations and mutual understanding between the two peoples.

• Updating information on the technological system and scientific knowledge of both cities.

• Strengthening cooperation programs on the ground, economically, health and socially.

• Tourism and cultural support for tourists and visitors of both cities.

As part of the agreement, Lazio honored Bethlehem's development plan, which focused on the development and improvement of the city and its historical identity. In addition, Piero Marazo, then Governor of Lazio, visited Bethlehem in 2007, opening the Salzian Center for Technological Training and also donated many equipment to the Center as evidence of his belief that cooperation is one of the highest pillars of peace and friendship among human beings.

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