Ambassador Azad Dhomun, one of the architects of the rapprochement of the last few years between Mauritius and Palestine, pays a courtesy visit to Adv. Anton Salman, Mayor of Bethlehem

2018-12-20 08:15:39

Bethlehem, 19th December 2018 

During a courtesy visit to Bethlehem Municipality, Amb. Azad Dhomun, one of the pioneers of the relation between Mauritius and Palestine meets with Adv. Anton Salman, Mayor of Bethlehem. 

The Mayor presented Amb. Dhomun with an insight into the situation of Bethlehem and Palestine. Mayor Salman discussed the importance of having a strong bond with Mauritius, whose population enjoys like the Palestinians the richness of diversity. Mayor Salman welcomed the wish from Mauritius to strengthen the cooperation with Bethlehem and highlighted the possibilities of joint efforts between Bethlehem and Quatre Bornes. Adv. Anton Salman also stressed the necessity for Mauritius to pursue its support of freedom and justice for the Palestinians at the African level and in international forums. 

Amb. Dhomun expressed the unwavering support of Mauritius to Palestine and the wish to continue and develop the relation with Bethlehem started when the then Deputy Prime Minister and today's head of opposition in Mauritus, Xavier Luc Duval and Amb. Dhomun visited Bethlehem four years ago.


Live from the Manger Square