2021-02-08 06:59:56

About the town


Grottaferrata is a small town in the Metropolitan City of Rome, situated on the lower slopes of the Alban Hills. The history of Grottaferrata identifies largely with the Basilian Monastery of Santa Maria, which was founded in 1004. The Monastery has several courts, which lead to the famous portico designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, with an arcade of nine bays supported by slender columns with Renaissance capitals.



About the twinning agreement


In April 2018, a twinning agreement was signed between Bethlehem, represented by its Mayor, Adv. Anton Salman, and Grottaferrata, represented by its Mayor, Arch. Luciano Andreotti. Both parties agreed to initiate youth exchange projects, tourist related projects, projects related to disable citizens, to make movies to promote Bethlehem in terms of culture and art, and to renovate a house in the old city of Bethlehem to make it a cultural center.

Live from the Manger Square