Salman meets Bethlehem's French partners in Grenoble and conveys Palestine's reality

2018-07-17 08:40:48

During his tour in France, the Mayor of Bethlehem Adv.  Anton Salman met with Bethlehem's projects partners in Grenoble, in the presence of the Municipal Councilor, Mr. Hanna Aboudinen, and  the Acting Director of the Planning and Projects Department  Eng. Ziad Al-Sayeh. At the meeting they focused on  the progress of the ongoing mutual projects. Moreover, the Municipality of Grenoble organized a public meeting for Salman to discuss the general situation in Palestine and Bethlehem in particular.

It is worth noting that the projects which Grenoble  and  Bethlehem are working on: the development of mountain sports in Bethlehem, the strengthening of governance and citizenship in Palestine, plus supporting students exchange especially for Bethlehem University students to train in nursing domain

Live from the Manger Square