2019-03-18 12:22:25

About the city

Gijón is the largest city in the northern region of Asturias, Spain. With over a quarter of a million inhabitants, Gijón is a bustling coastal city located on the Biscay bay. The only university in the Asturias region, University of Oviedo, has a campus located in Gijón and thus the city is home to many students. The city's local economy is primarily based on tourism, steel production and fishing.

The city has some sites that still remind us of its Roman past, including the Roman baths, the Roman wall and the Roman village of Veranes. Later in the 14th century, Gijón became the base from which rebellions against the Royal Family were orchestrated, which ultimately led to Gijón being destroyed in battles. The city was only reconstructed three centuries later and this renovation saw the creation of Gijón's first monumental buildings, such as the Baroque style Revillagigedo Palace.


About the Twinning Agreement

The twinning agreement was signed in Gijón in April 2006 between the then Mayor of Bethlehem, Mr. Victor Batarseh, and the then Mayor of Gijón, Mr. Paz Fernández Felgueroso. This agreement between the two cities aimed to be a valuable tool in promoting knowledge, mutual understanding and friendship between their citizens, as well as to establish cultural and economic ties to contribute towards mutual development. The relationship between Gijón and Bethlehem has remained strong, with Gijón providing support towards the rehabilitation of Al Mass'oudi School and the Nissan Roundabout, both in Bethlehem.


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