Convention FAQs
Yes, the rates do apply to 3 days before and 3 days after.
No, but there our Tour operator partners can help you book your own means of transportation. Please check website of HILTAO for more support:
Saturday 1, Oct: Seated Lunch, Buffet Dinner Sunday 2, Oct: Lunch with families, Buffet Dinner Monday 3, Oct: Lunch Buffet, seated Dinner
BDDC 2016 Convention takes place Oct 1–3 in Bethlehem, Palestine. All sessions take place at the CONVENTION PALACE - BETHLEHEM, SOLOMON'S POOLS, unless otherwise noted.
You may select from any of the partner convention hotels list provided by AHA with which we have negotiated rate for the duration of the convention. To make reservations, please book your hotel via the numbers available in the table. If you wish to check other hotels, please do on AHA website:
Considering that Bethlehem’s average temperature in October is 24º Celsius (high temp) and 14º (low temp), we encourage you to dress casually and comfortably during all convention events.  Remember that in the evenings and in meeting rooms, it tends to be cool, so bring a sweater or jacket. Business professional or cocktail attire will be suitable. 
Yes, you can bring your laptop; if you are staying in a hotel, most offer wireless access to their customers for your limited stay. 
No as it depends on the destination required, but the taxi, fares are set, and most drivers abide by the set rates. It is best to check with the desk at your hotel. They should be able to tell you what the fare should be. Then check again with the taxi driver. Do this before you get into the taxi
Ask your local carrier, the Palestinian local service networks are Jawwal & Watniyeh.
Yes, provided you have the appropriate adapter plug for the power outlet and your device is rated for the same voltage as the power supply in that country. If the voltage is different, you will need a voltage converter or transformer. Note: Some hotels have circuits providing approximately 120 volts, which allow guests to use electric shavers and other low-wattage U.S. appliances. These are labeled as such in the hotel.
Yes, to both questions. All major credit cards are widely accepted. All of the banks have ATM machines at their locations, for after hour’s cash.
Yes, there are ATMs located in some hotel lobbies, and in major locations nearby.
There are some very competent and specialized doctors in Bethlehem. Many speak English and some speak Spanish. Check with your hotel, some of the hotels have English-speaking doctors on call. Medical service here is not as sophisticated as in the U.S. or Canada.
Online Convention Program is available on website and Facebook pages.