About the Convention

As decades have passed older generations of Palestinian émigrés have slowly lost their memory and identity as Palestinians. Their children have embraced new cultures in their host countries, growing up with little knowledge of their historic Palestinian identity.

Many émigrés were from the intellectual class of Bethlehem, and their skills and knowledge have been used to develop the countries they emigrated to. In addition to skills and knowledge, precious traditions and memories were lost. Many émigrés from Palestine were forced to sell their family property in order to survive in their host countries, resulting in a massive loss of lands and heritage.

From 1-3 October 2016, Bethlehem municipality will organize a convention for all Palestinians in the diaspora; especially those in America, Latin America and Europe.

Bethlehem municipality, being a services institution, seeks to reduce the severity of the current economic situation by providing better opportunities for the local community. It also seeks to increase the sense of belonging for all new generations in the diaspora, providing an opportunity for them to reconnect with their roots and help develop their motherland.